Things You Should Avoid in Your Explainer Videos

Video marketing is one of the best ways of marketing in today’s time. We all are aware of the situations outside; people are going out with precautions but not everyone is going out and many are still working from home and in this time video marketing has came out as a bonus for the business owners to reach out to their customers in the best possible where they can make a connection with the customers.

One of the most common type of video is explainer video, explainer videos are commonly used because it gives you a way where you can explain about the product or the business you are doing. This is the only way to reach out to your customers as if you try to explain using screenshots that is not good enough option and customers may also not understand in the way they will understand in the video.

While creating the explainer video there are few things that a creator needs to consider while making the video to get the best results out of it, as if you miss few important points and make the video that may give the bad impact on the customers and you’ll not get the results you are expecting.

Today we will see some of the points that you should avoid in your explainer video to make it perfect and get more and more visitor with better conversion:

• Select the right concept

Selecting the right concept is very important, many a business owner what they do is they do not select the right concept and make the video and later they did not get the desired results.

The concept of your video should be unique enough that the viewers does not feel it copied from the others and also there should be something catchy in the video which attracts the viewers to watch the complete video and that may result in the converted customer.

There are many competitors in the market selling the same thing as you are but there should be something different in your concept so that user gets forced to buy your product.

• Professional Voiceover

Voiceover, this is one of the most important factors in the explainer video and the result and success of your video also depends on voiceover. If you do not have a good voiceover in the video than the results will not be good.

A professional voiceover is a must for your business if you are making an explainer video. While doing voiceover you must consider that the voice tone should be high on the important words of the video. The voice and speech must match the tone of your video and the speech should complement the video so that it should be understandable to the audience.

• No Target Audience

Selecting the right audience is most important thing in the marketing field that is not only in video or digital marketing but in every type of marketing targeting the right audience is the key to get more ROI.

If you are running an Ad campaign and you do not target the right audience then it is of no use and you will never get the results you are expecting form the campaign.

When you are making an explainer video then you should keep in mind of the target audience like what is your audience that will watch the video, their pain points, their likes and requirements, if you analyze these points prior to create an engaging video then your video will be much better.

• Wrong Time Duration

Many people will suggest you that 60-90 seconds video is good enough for you and Yes, they are correct but not all the time, as if you are making your first video or it is the video intruding the main or important thing about your product or business then it is Okay to make that long video but if you are introducing a new feature or sharing an update then this time duration will be too long because your customers will not like or may feel bored if the same thing is being reiterated to them as they already know the same thing.

There are many organizations that make very long video even more than 90 seconds but that is not the right way and will not get you more viewers as people do not have much time these days and they bounce from the video. In my suggestion, a video around 60 is good enough to reach out to your customers.